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Musician Interviews:
Interview with All Shall Perish click here
Interview with Beaten Back To Pure click here
Interview with Dirty Americans click here
Interview with Jumbo's Killcrane click here
Interview with Open Hand click here
Interview with Seemless click here
Interview with Strapping Young Lad click here
Interview with The Haunted click here
Michael Fairchild meets Jimi Hendrix click here
Music Reviews:
Project: Failing Flesh, Slumber, The Korps, Jukebox Zeros, Severe Torture, Superchrist, Churchill's Tractor, The Graves Brothers Deluxe, The Bloody Tears, Bantam, Cephalic Carnage, Opus Draconis, Aborted, Wolverine, Summers End, Winter Solstice, One Master, Reggie and the Full Effect, Bleeding Kansas, Still Remains, SUNN 0))), Soilwork, Enemy Is Us, The Kinison, American Head Charge, Urgehal, Transient Tractor, The Generators, Gargantula, High On Fire, The Mars Volta, Dopermien, The N.Y. Rel-X, Mennen, The Occasion, Death From Above 1979, No Warning, Gizmachi, Death Before Dishonor, Vicious Art, Divide By Zero, Impiety, Searing Meadow, Corrosion of Conformity, With Passion, and Faultlines click here

APRIL 2005

Musician Interviews:
Interview with Dash Rip Rock click here
Interview with The Cherry Splits click here
Interview with Richard Snow click here
Features, Tributes and Commentaries:
ROCKY PROPHECY: The Michael Fairchild/Wallyrus Debate click here
PROJECT SMiLE 2005 Version 2.0 click here
From Inspiration to Adulation-Anatomy of a song contest click here
The Mockers: The Lonesome Death of Electric Campfire click here
Gary Pig Gold: Great Unsung Heroes of Rock 'N Roll Radio click here
LiFE OF BRiAN Disc: 5 - The Brian Wilson audio biography series click here
Adam McIntyre: A Season Cycle For All Seasons click here
Book Reviews:
Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With The Beatles / Lost in the Grooves / Rock Prophecy- Sex & Jimi Hendrix in World Religions the Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection / The Passover Plot / Turn Me On, Dead Man / "The GoldeBriars' Story-Whatever Happened to Jezebel?" (E-book) / Black Gold: The Lost Archives of Jimi Hendrix click here
More SMiLE Legends from 1966-67 click here
New Michael Jackson Beatles CDs click here
Music Reviews:
Dash Rip Rock, The Cherry Splits, American Heritage, Beats the Hell Out of Me, HY80, Holden Richards, Feverdream, Joe Perry, Alexis Booth, Toast, November Coming Fire, Opiate for the Masses, Acetate, Watershed, The Once Over Twice, Tarental, Bait, Mando Diao, RU36, Since the Day, Spitalfield, Adema, Bloodbath, Hookers, The Frames, Swallow the Sun, The Nothing, The Phoenix Rising, Dark Tranquility, Crowbar, Pyuria, Callenish Circle, Sturmgeist The Demonaires, Blood Red Throne, The Goodwill, Entombed, George Elliott, Seige of Hate, Crionics, Bottom,Kaamos, The Vacancy, Comeback Kid, November's Doom, The Hidden Hand/ Wooly Mammoth, Icarus Witch, Oathean, Strapping Young Lad, Pete Brag, Sons of Otis, The Black Maria, A Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Chuck Schuldiner, Order of the Ebon Hand, Loftus, Mahavatar, Kaedus Rex, Inside Hollow, Epoch of Unlight, Black Dawn, Transistor Transistor, GZR, Dirty Americans, Chaos Theory, Shelly Phelps, and Patria Jacobs click here

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